About TorQuipus

                     TOR  FELIX 
I am a passionate and unapologetic scrivener, blogger and columnist with several online information portals; always striving to extend message of hope to people, who accommodate fatalism as their last and final alternative, through written medium. I certainly believe that information is a terror to those who found pleasure in depressing those who are unable to get their ends meet. This is a sole reason which  impelled me to be unmasking the hidden information for the benefit of readers.
This site is an intellectual realm, where mind-boggling articles are published so as to meet the diverse information requirements of enthusiastic readers. These articles are capable of modifying characters, redefining wrong ideologies about life and proffering possible solutions to social problems. Potential readers are therefore advice to make this blog a place of visit so as to be acquainted with latest and up-to-date knowledge.
I owe you ardent appreciation for standing still by my write-ups. My goal is to make this site about a variety of things. I try to publish at least three post a week. Topics will include all sorts of life articles. If you’re not a blogger, you can subscribe by email from the Blog home page. I hope what you find here will mean something to you and add value to your life.
Always feel free to drop meaningful comment(s) that can sustain  the image of my blog.  I try to respond to all of them. Time devoted to acquire knowledge is never a waste.


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