Is Nudity a Mindset?

Nudity is the state of being naked. Nudity is sometimes used to refer to wearing significantly less clothing than expected by the conventions of a particular culture and situation and in particular exposing the bare skin of intimate parts and has analogous uses.

The issue of nudity goes beyond an act. Nudity is not first of all the way a lady dresses or what she wears but a very instant indicator of how she thinks and what she regards or esteems as beauty. It is a mindset and unless a person possesses that mindset, he or she would just not be able to go nude either partially or fully. Ever before this mindset migrated into Nigeria from the Western World, it was very abnormal to see a Nigerian lady in skimpy clothes except for those who wore them as a uniform for prostitution. It was so easy to recognise a harlot some 30 years ago. Unfortunately today, the harlots have to go an extra mile to differentiate themselves for easy business identification as responsible women in the society have begun to wear what they wore yesterday.

Nudity is a mindset, a thought pattern that promotes the feminine beauty with the expression of the rarely seen curves of the feminine body that men cannot but behold in thrilling wonder. Nudity is a mindset that turns the beholding of a woman’s sensitive parts (which is naturally supposed to cause shame) into a unit of measurement of a so called startling beauty. The Nudity mindset makes “sexy” a major part of beauty assessment and a much sought after compliment. This is the same word which some years back was hardly ever used to describe an African queen whose glory was in her covering.

Nudity is a force from within that emphasises the woman’s sexual organ (or sex triggering parts) as a major attribute that makes her more admirable or preferable to another thereby interpreting the covering of those parts as a waste and an act of ingratitude or unconsciousness of a special divine attribute or gift. It is this same mindset that dovetails into the drive for many plastic surgeries like breast enhancement. It puts the emphasis on the erotic attraction which is a trusted factor in capturing male attention without fail. Nudity redefines natural beauty more as a function of sexual beauty than internal beauty. In its subtle form, it tends to respond to an inaudible request, “Let’s see what you’ve got” thereby creating a force on the seemingly decent girl who is blessed with the bust to unloosen her chest buttons to some lower degree once in a while.

Nudity can be subtle but it is the same mindset that makes a stripper undress that makes a schoolgirl wear a top that exposes her cleavage. While one is using it to trade for money, the other is using it to win admiration or societal acceptance. They are both trying to express the same thing but for different purposes. Nobody wants to cover that which she regards to be admirable about her.

Nudity manifests mightily when a lady goes to a tailor to sew a top. It is that subtle voice that says, “Let it go down a little bit” because something must be seen that adds to overall facial/body beauty. Nudity sells. Nudity catches waves and wins tremendous attention. Nudity charms and can thereby make things happen for its victim. People have passed difficult exams, gotten job appointments, won contracts, and acquired tremendous wealth, courtesy of the charm that flows from the exposure of the smallest part of a lady’s sexuality. Many who seem to fall short in facial beauty have indeed made themselves highly sought after. Unfortunately, nudity equates the woman to a sex target and nothing more.

The direct opposite of Nudity is covering. God initiated covering and man was never naked until he fell. God made man to wear the same attire that (He) God wears. God is not naked neither does He dress nude. The Bible says the train of His robe fills the temple and even the devil before he fell was the anointed cherub that covereth. Everything that spelt out glory always had something to do with covering. The beholding of Noah’s nakedness was what led to the curse of Ham. Everything about God detests nakedness and He demonstrated this Genesis when HE CAUSED A LAMB TO LOSE HIS LIFE SO THAT MAN CAN BE PROPERLY CLOTHED. Adam and Eve quickly went to tie fig leaves around themselves but God would rather have an animal lose its skin than for man to be improperly covered. WHAT IS YOUR OWN ATTITUDE TO COVERING? AND WHOSE EXAMPLE ARE YOU FOLLOWING?

There is something about covering that expresses glory and majesty. God specifically warned Moses that the nakedness of the priest (in any sense of the word) must never be seen. Their dressing was made for glory and for beauty. Nudity is an ungodly mindset and its origin is rooted in sin and inspired by the devil. Both Total Nudity and partial nudity were inspired in gen. 3 by the great fall of man. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were never naked. They were clothed in the same dress that God was wearing; GLORY. This is why the Lord had to ask them, “Who told you that you were naked?” They only realised their nakedness when the glory departed.

There is nothing in God’s history that supports nudity. In showing how our God covers Himself, The Bible says, “The train of His robe filled the temple”. It is worthy of note that Jesus did not finish with the mad man of Gadara until He clothed him. He even clothes the grass of the field. It is in the culture of Zion to be well covered. Israel does not dress according to what is acceptable in Babylon. Unfortunately, some of us have taken cue from what they wear forgetting that we are not of this world and every country has its own sense of dressing. In 2Ki 20;13 when Hezekiah displayed all his goods to the Babylonians, they ended up plundering it and this is the same thing that happens to daughters of Zion who like Babylonian girls expose their sacred parts carelessly to the princes of Babylon. They get plundered, jilted, abused and deceived eventually.

The Bible says, “It is the glory of God to CONCEAL a matter, it is the HONOUR of KINGS to search it out.” It is the nature of God to conceal, to cover. When you remember that the Ark of the Covenant was covered with three different sets of materials and in 1Sam. 6:19, He smote fifty thousand and seventy of the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark, you will understand that it is the Glory of God for a lady to conceal her nakedness (her sexually appealing parts) so that it would take the man that marries her (not a passer-by) to search it out and it would be a tremendous honour for that man. A fully trained daughter of Zion will not wear any clothe that will show off what her king was supposed to have searched out.

There is covering / clothing instinct in every fully trained daughter of Zion. There is a dress sense in Zion. There is that desire to cover that which the Babylonians desire to expose. There is that mindset that reserves. It is the nature of our God. If this desire is not in you, then you have an identity crisis. When a person gets born again into this family of God, that person ought to also learn the mindset with which we dress over here. Note that the issue is not first that of trousers or skirts but the mindset. This is the major crisis in the church today: The daughters of Zion have lost the Zionic clothing mindset and so, trying to control what they wear is a useless venture. For example: In Zion, our daughter’s sexiness is not for public administration, it is for their husband only. It is different from the culture of Babylon where the order of the day is the sexy look.

Whereas in Babylon, attraction is based on sex appeal, it is a shame to use the word “sexy” to describe a daughter of Zion.

Go to your wardrobe and crosscheck each of your wears and see if indeed they line up with the dress sense of our God or you just wear them. Remember our culture is not their culture, our motive is not their motive and what they call attractive is most likely what we call an abomination. A daughter of Zion is clothed in majesty, glory and beauty. To see her expose half or part of her breast as part of looking good is definitely an identity crisis. Covering is a conscious and deliberate act in order to protect and guard a divine reserve. Renew your mind today and cross over to the Zion culture as we together raise again the fallen standard that our fathers have set.


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