Is Love Worth Fighting For?

Love is what makes anything worth fighting for.

If Love is not in the equation then
forget the battle. It is a waste of

Love is the reason to live or die.
Sacrificing for another is what has
made all the positive difference in
the world. Giving your best effort to figure problems out and to make dreams real, standing up for the weak, setting a good example of bravery and trust in the Good,
thinking of others and the future
more than mere comfort today–
these are gifts humans can give each other.

If you are talking about a
relationship, it comes down to Love as well. Even though we are imperfect, fighting for the Love we share is still valid.

Love is an action as well as a feeling. It means acting unselfishly for another’s best interest and the best interest of the relationship. It means defending both against who and/or whatever would destroy it. It is digging deep, even during times of doubt, to be true to a worthy partner. It is clarifying that the relationship is a priority.

If you don’t fight, what are you left with? Physical fighting may not be what is required or recommended but there
needs to be one’s best effort shown to give meaning to one’s vow of loyalty.


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