Top Things To Know Before Proposing a Person

Love is the most beautiful thing to happen to anyone. It is a carefree feeling. A person does not even realize how and when he has fallen head over heels for someone. Every person maintains the fact that love just happens. It is never planned and can never be planned. It has been seen that people had set for themselves a perfect ideal but fell in love with a completely different person. Love therefore does not determine anything and it just develops for someone you spend time with. But what after love? Real complications arise after you are with your partner and are now planning to take your relation one step ahead. Yes I am talking about that moment when you plan to propose your partner to spend the life with you. It is definitely not as easy as falling in love and dating. Spending your life together needs a lot of consideration. When it comes to marriage you not only have to think about the two of you but also about your families. Therefore before you propose your partner it is very important to focus on certain things. Do not rush in your decision to propose to your partner. Here are the 10 most important things that you must know about your partner before proposing

Current status

This is the most important thing to know. How is your partner today? May be she or he has had a bad past but how they are today is what you must value. For girls they need to know about the guy’s work profile before taking any step ahead in the relation. This also plays a very important role in influencing the girl’s family. The girl’s present views on relations and her willingness to change is what a guy seeks. Get to know entirely about the present status with respect to finances, emotions, career, families etc. Stability in the present is ideal for giving commitment in a relation.


Another very important thing to know before deciding to propose your partner. Religion is a very important criterion that decides the success of your relation. All over the world inter caste relations do not have a great success record. In an Indian society this is the most important criteria. Not only the religion but the caste and sub castes too matter a lot in making the families accept your partner. Get to know about your partner’s religious views. How dedicated he or he is and how willing his or her family is for another caste person. If your partner is from other religion then which one of you is ready to compromise? Get these things clear before proposing.


It is not just the adaptability of your partner that requires consideration. The family status too plays a very important role. Many times it happens in a relation that one of the two is from the higher strata. Sounds cliché but these things play a very important role in influencing the respective families. Also if you’re proposing you partner and if she is from a well to do family with highly refined tastes and standards then the chances are that you will be turned down. If she does not then her family surely will. So before you propose your loved one get to know about his or her family and how flexible they are when it comes to their child’s life partner


We all expect different things from life. Some want peace while some want luxury. Some want family while some want friends. What is your partner’s expectations from life and moreover from you? Some people expect their women not to work after marriage. If your woman is ambitious then your expectation will never be fulfilled. Some women do not wish to live with the in laws after marriage. Can you fulfill this is what you need to decide.Some expect a luxurious life and often rely on their partner for this. Can you keep up with this expectation? You need to know their plans for life before you decide to make them a permanent part of your family
The above were some broad factors that you must know about before deciding on proposing your partner. A little compromise on the above terms is often allowed and does not create much of a problem. But the following five things are very important and any deviation from these often leads in termination of the relation. So be very sure with regards to these and then decide to propose your partner.


This needs to be given due consideration before planning to propose your loved one. It is a very common scenario these days that the people are very ambitious. In order to keep pace with the fast life people have become very career oriented. Is your partner one of them? If yes then you have a big problem here. Career oriented people always tend to give family life second or no priority. The term commitment is enough to drive them away as they take it as a hurdle in their dreams. If your partner is after fulfilling his or her dreams then may be your proposal will simply make him or her move on without you. Get to know about your partner’s career plans before chalking out a proposal.

Loyalty and plans after marriage and should be given due consideration.


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