Important Things Money Can’t Buy

All the time, we talk of money, how should we get money, how should we save money, how should we spend money. Our mind literally revolves around money. However, the question
that comes up is, can money buy
everything? If that was true, why do we see even the wealthiest of people unhappy? Surely money is important, without money we would not have food to eat, a roof on top of our heads, clothes on our body, education etc.

Money is surely a means to an end but even though money can buy most of the things that we need, it cannot buy some things. Even if you have thousands and millions of dollars, some things are priceless and cannot be bought. Here is a list of things that surely, money cannot buy!


Love is a thing you cannot buy even if you have loads of money. Surely you may be able to buy infatuation as a result of being rich or maybe even lust, but love
can only come from proper
understanding, care, feelings and
spending quality time with each other.

For love, you have to completely
understand your partner and accept him/her in each sphere of your life. Often you might have seen that some people marry others just because they are rich
and they think that the richness will overcome all the differences, but such marriages do not last long. Love cannot be obtained by money, but only by a pure heart.


The most important thing that money cannot buy is time. You might waste your time right now and procrastinate but soon you will realize that the time you have lost is priceless and the clocks
cannot be turned back. When you miss the chance of proposing to a loved one, or telling your kids that you will play with them later, the opportunity that you had that time, is gone. If you do not study for an important exam from the beginning and regret one day before the exam, you cannot turn the clocks and get back the time you had wasted. Thus, no matter
how much money you have, you cannot get back the time you have lost. Utilize every minute of your life so that in the end you don’t regret.


Money can only buy companions, not friends. The so called friends that you have are because of the money you have. They are people who will agree with everything you say and flatter you just so
that they do not disappoint you. Such friends are selfish and are only concerned with your money. The day your money goes, they will also go. Real friends are the ones which you make over time regardless of the money you
have. Such friends are there for you in every aspect of your life and are not concerned about your money but the value you hold. So if you think you can “buy” friends with the money you have, remember that they will be just
companions who will be there as long as you have money.

Peace of mind

Peace is something that dwells inside all of us, but is mostly hidden. Peace is not something money can buy; it can only
come out of your soul as a result of humane acts, by acting fairly and treating others just the way we want ourselves to be treated. You must have often heard even the richest of the people saying that they have all the luxury in the world but they do not have
peace. They have sleepless nights and all the time they are worrying about their money. The more money you have, the less peace you will have. Surely money
may provide you with some kind of recreation, but it cannot provide mental peace.


Confidence is something that you
acquire from experience. You might be having all the money in the world, but you may be lacking the confidence to utilize it. You might get an appointment fixed by your money, but unless you have the confidence to make that appointment successful, your money is useless. Confidence has the ability to make or break your career plans. Unless you have the confidence to try something new and take a risk, you will not succeed at it. If you think you can buy confidence from all the money you have, think again.


Consider a situation, you are a millionaire and you are going to sign a big contract with a company, you are on the way when suddenly your car crashes and you are severely injured. How can money help in such a situation? What if you invest money in a big company and that company is a fraud and runs away with all your money, what will you do? Sometimes, you cannot escape luck no matter how rich or poor you are. Luck can turn you from a beggar to a millionaire and from a millionaire to a beggar within seconds. You just cannot “buy” luck. All you can do is wish that luck goes your way.


Don’t we all remember the happy times when we were kids and had nothing to do except roam around freely.

Manners and class

There are so many poor or middle class people who in spite of having less money, have more class and manners than the rich ones who often are rude
with no manners. Manners and class are things which you learn from your family and the society you are living in.They
reflect your upbringing and family
background. Manners or class cannot be
bought with money, they can only be


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