How to Parent Adolescent Children

Today’s young people, our children, belong to the most promising generation in the history of the world. They stand at the summit of the ages. They also stand at the crossroads of two great paths. One is the broader, well-travel the path that leads to mediocrity of mind and character, and to social decline. The other is a narrower, “less traveled” uphill path leading to limitless human possibilities—and the hope of the world. EVERY child can walk this latter path, if shown the way. But who will show them the way, if not you and me? Where will they learn how, if not in their home or at their school? When will it happen, if not now?

Parenting the adolescent presents a challenge that sometimes brings the best out of the parents and makes them a better Human Being. However this is also the stage which puts maximum stress on the parents. If not handled properly can lead scars on the minds of the children which impact their behavior towards their parents throughout their lives. Hence it is very important that the parents take all the requisite steps in the right direction.

How to go about it?

1 Understand that the child has grown up and respect his right to have an opinion different from that of yours: Adolescence is a very peculiar and an awkward stage in a child’s life. This a stage children start forming perspectives in all matters based on their small knowledge and huge areas of ignorance. A determination to rebel against the established practices is evident in them. Handling them at this stage is almost a tight

2 Consult a Psychiatrist: In case you feel that you are not able to get along with the adolescent, or there is no cohesion between the thinking of the two, the usual tendency to blame the child is not correct. The fault may be with one of the parent or both. There may be an ego problem. Best solution in such situations is for the parents to consult a psychiatrist and frankly explain him the position. The psychiatrist will decide whether

3 Be Paly Paly with them for understanding them better: This a formative stage when children form opinions about their future. Listen to them and give them a feeling that you are giving a good listening to their views. Put special efforts to read and brace yourself with the latest in the topics of interest to them like the filmdom gossip, latest fashion, trends, and celebrities. And discuss with them as a friend. This will help remove inhibitions if

4 Be a Facebook contact of your child: This will help you keep in touch with your child’s daily activities. Participate in the discussion with their friends. Give a friendly poke wherever you feel you need to correct the direction. They will not mind it.

5 Encourage the entrepreneur quality of your child nurture the entrepreneur quality in the child ,allowing for exploratory do-it-yourself behaviors that encourage individual cognitive styles and creative productions. This an approach that may, in time, lead to more incisive thinkers who can be very creative in their thought and deeds in their career.

6 Career Guidance Children in this age usually develop fancy to certain careers and professions without the knowing the depths and pit falls. It is the parents responsibility to make them aware about the pros and cons related to their chosen profession. If even after understanding everything , if the children insist on going with their chosen profession, then you can be rest assured that they put all efforts to do

7 Meet their Monetary needs. It is very important to correctly assess the monetary needs of your child and fulfill them. Your perspective of his needs may be too conservative; his perspective may be too liberal in relation to actual needs. A middle of the road approach is needed, which should be acceptable to both. Shortage of money may make the child to resort to means of earning that may not be legal. Similarly more

8 Communicate with them about their Infatuations & Relationships: This is an age the children are infatuated with members of the opposite sex. The parents need not get alarmed so long as the relationship stays within decent limits. With the passage of time the infatuation subsides and the child is back to normal. In case it doesn’t, it can be safely assumed that it is a relationship. In such cases parents of both the children should

9 Habits and vices: Smoking and Drinking are vices for some families and habits for some other whatever, it is better to keep the children away from these as long as possible.

Develop their Esteem & Self Confidence: Certain parents exercise too much control over their children in the name of discipline.Develop their Esteem & Self Confidence: Certain parents exercise too much control over their children in the name of discipline. The children grow up in an atmosphere of fright and subservience. Such children will grow up with low self esteem and can never.


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