The exercise for designing your life (part B)

1 Find a nice quiet spot where you will be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes.

Equip yourself with a pencil and a new notepad or booklet that will become your “Life Book”.

2 Draw a time line across a page, from now to say five years on.

3 At the left end of the time line, write “Present State”; at the right end, write “Desired State”. On the left end, describe as accurately as you can your Present State. Ask questions like:

a. What am I doing now?

b. What is my income, if any?

c. Do I like what I do?

4 On the right side, under Desired State, describe as clearly as you can what you would like to see five years from now. Ask yourself, if I can’t fail…

a. What do I really want to be?

b. What do I want to have?

c. What will my life be like?

5 Between the Present State and Desired State, mark on the time line. Then ask:

a. What must I do to get what I want?

b. Who can help me?

c. What skills do I need?

d. What resources do I need?

6 Note that the first time you try this exercise, you may not get all the answers you want. If you do this exercise daily for some time, you will end up with a pretty good design for your life. You will know where to get what you want, what to do, who can help you (and who you can help), and so on.

Think carefully about when to settle down and have kids. Children become the center of most people’s lives once they arrive and will demand enormous amounts of time and resources.

Take charge of your life now. If not now, when?
Never stop working on your project to design your life. You keep going back to the “Life Book” you have created; it’s a “project in progress”, for the time of your life.
When you achieve a life’s goal, do it again. You’ll be better at it and it’ll still be that much fun. There are always new challenges.

Don’t assume that you’ll find the right life partner in the scheduled year or that the relationship will come out well. Having a plan for when to start looking is all the control you have on that area of life.

Talent is enthusiasm, though some things have physical requirements like health or eyesight, most things people do really require years of training and practice. A passion for the work itself is what it takes to be the person who did sell a novel or get into the movies or go around the goal.

Be kind to those around you for no thought of getting anything in return.

Live somewhere that you love. Don’t waste your life on a climate you hate or in a region you don’t fit in.

It isn’t always about things or money, though money is important. Chances are what you want to do is something you have some natural advantages in if you think about it. Strong or nimble people are drawn toward sports, those not so physically talented are drawn to the sport in a different way or lean toward something else. It’s vital to understand what you need to do to make your heart goals real, it has nothing to do

And when you succeed, write a “How to” article and help build ladders for other’s success, based on your experience and what worked for you. People who really want to improve their lives will listen.

Life happens. Children come along, or your life partner’s goals sound more interesting than yours did, or you discover what you first wanted was unsatisfying when you got there. This last is very common if you’re acting on goals set by other people, it’s possible to spend whole decades pursuing goals that don’t fit and look back to realize that’s not who you are at all. It’s never too late to start over until you’re dead. This
Repeated failures may frustrate you. You need to take a break and start the work when you are fresh again.

You should not be overawed by the huge initial success. It is possible that the goals set in your life book may be humble in the initial stages.

You need to be very patient. Ideas may not come at the first attempt. Keep repeating the exercise.
Your performance at times may not the match the standards set in the plans. Keep assessing your performance, work on improvements and try to bring it closer to your goals in the life book.


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