How to Find Balance in Your Life

Are you overworked? Do you find that you don’t have enough time to enjoy life? Here are some simple steps to find balance in your life. These steps speak to the overworked, but can be applied to any person, situation or activity that is overwhelming your life.

1 Use a stop watch to measure exactly how much time you are spending at work. Pause the stop watch whenever you do anything that is not work-related, such as house-hold chores (if you work at home), going to lunch, taking a break, driving, etc. At the end of the week, add up all your work hours.

2 If you are working more than 40 hours per week, examine your job and see if there are any shortcuts you can use to get your work done faster. Try not to take personal calls while working – keep your work and home lives separate. If you are working 40 hours per week or less, try consolidating your work schedule, and also follow the steps below.
3Once you have consolidated and “chunked” your working hours together, write a list of everything you want to accomplish while at work, and then set a deadline for yourself for the day (such as 5pm) to stop working. Even if you didn’t do everything on your list, stop working at the deadline time (Some days you will get tons of work done, and other days will be slow-going, it’s OK!).

4 Perform an activity that announces to your subconscious that you are free from work, once you have completed your work for the day. This could be turning your phone off, shutting your computer down, exiting the office, going for a brisk walk, playing with a pet or child, calling a loved one, eating a meal, exercising, stepping outside, listening to your favorite song, etc. The activity should be one that you don’t do while

5 Set aside at least 2 consecutive days per week for no work at all. Your body, mind and soul need rest and 2 days will leave you refreshed for the next week of work. Consider talking with your boss if your days off are not consecutive.

6 Do your household chores during the work week, after working hours, and after a bit of “after work relaxation.” This will save your days off for complete rest and relaxation. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning service once a month. If youarea cleaning service, hire one anyway! You deserve a break too. If you can’t afford it, make every member of your household contribute to cleaning. If members won’t pitch in, then it’s

7 Find your passion and explore it during your weekends and once in a while during an evening. For instance, if you like to surf, but you find yourself too tired to go – go anyway! You will thank yourself later and find refreshment in any mini-adventure you take.

Have patience with these steps. It will take a while to train yourself to have more fun and work less.

To the workaholic: Just because you find ways to do more work in less time, doesn’t mean you should add more projects and work hours. Use your extra time to relax and enjoy life


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