Ten (10) Signs He Does Not Like You

1.He does not call
If it has been over a week since you met at a friend’s party or in the library where you exchanged phone numbers and he still hasn’t called, chance are that you have not really captured his imagination. Agreed, he could have been busy or over-committed at work but still a text message or a quick call during lunch-break would never have been beyond the scope of the possible. What’s more, if you have called him only to get his voice mail and he still has not returned you call, you can pretty much kiss your chances of seeing him again good bye.
2.You rarely get to see him
If a guy likes you and is keen on knowing you better, he will seize every opportunity to put himself in your way – taking the same lift, walking by your desk for a coffee even if means a detour or dropping into the library when you are there. So if you don’t see the guy around you much or havea vague notion that he is intentionally keeping out of your way, you better get used to the possibility that he does not like you.
3.He does not make eye contact
If a guy likes you, he will look at you more than usual and hold your gaze longer than normal. Even if he is the shy kind, he will at the very least look at you when you are speaking to him. On the other hand if this guy has a distracted or bored gaze and does not even look at you when you are speaking, it is clear his mind is somewhere else.
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4.His body language says it all
Apart from visual expressions, the way a guy acts and moves before you can give you important clues to his feelings for you. The direction a guy’s shoulders and chest point or slightly lean towards definitely indicates the most important thing in the room for him. So even if a guy is ostensibly talking to you, if he subconsciously turns away , it is probably an indication that he is dissociating from the object at hand which is you. As you sit talking to a guy, notice theposition of his palms – if they are open and facing you, it means he likes you but if they are closed into fists or turned back to you, then it indicates that he is hesitant to open up to you.
5.He does not offer to help
One of the surest signs that a guy likes you is when he offers to help unasked and eagerly too. The reverse is equally true so that if you drop something like a book, a pencil, possibly right in front of him and he does not bother to lift a finger, it is most likely that he does not care one way or other.
6.He is not interested in knowing about you
There may be several reasons why a guy does not ask questions about you at a meeting or a get-together. He may be genuinely shy about reaching out or he may be hesitant about appearing too forthright. It may even be that he comes from a culture where he is not used to asking girls about themselves. However even if you put out certain hints about yourhobbies and interests, and he still does not take the cue, it is quite possible that he does not like you and has no wish to know anything about you.
7.He is not forthcoming about personal information
Even if you get talking to a guy at a social event, if he gives vague replies to your questions about his life, clearly he wishes toput a stop to the conversation. You might have a rough idea that he is into finance and that he commutes from the suburbs but if he is unwilling to clearly share his personal information with you, probably it is because he has no interest in you.
8.He is too secretive
If this is a guy you meet regularly for instance on your daily commute or at your gym and he always comes off as secretive, chances are he is trying to keep you away from him. He may close his Gmail or chat the second you walk into the room or perhaps he appears evasive when you ask him about his plans for the weekend. Sometimes a guy may be a private person but if his stealthy ways persist, and especially if he seems more relaxed in his relationship with others, it may be time to reassess your expectations from him.
9.He flirts with you but
So does he with anything that moves and isin skirts. Usually when a guy is not into you,he will draw away but at the other extreme is the kind of guy who will charm you, flirt with you and promise to meet up – just as he does with every other girl. Even if a guy is behaving this way to make you jealous, he will keep looking at you or getting back to you to check your reactions. However if this guy distributes his attentions liberally and without a care in the world, it is obvious that he does not like you any more than he does other girls.
10.He openly checks out other women
If you are with this guy and he doesn’t bother to hide his gaze towards other women, it is a definite sign that he is not into you. In general it is true that men, whether single or committed, tend to ogleat attractive women; but a guy, especially when with a potential partner, will tend tobe usually more discrete about such things.


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