why some girls gets into prostitution business

People have very different views on the subject of prostitution. some girls get in
prostitution business due to poverty:i
there by approve poverty as one of the
reason that causes Prostitution business,
the system that commodifies and
dehumanizes the bodies and persons of
women and children of both sexes for
the use and profit of men, is today the
object of an intense and international
mainstreaming campaign that is
working for the social and political
acceptance of the hugely profitable
industries of sex. Prostitution in Nigeria
is a serious social problem and its
solution has been rendered difficult by
the problem of poverty. Prostitution is
widely rampant in Nigeria and its main
markets are in the big cities. The
statistics available on the number of
prostitutes operating in the country is
not exact because there is so much of
clandestine prostitution, in spite of such
undetected prostitution the situation is
horrifying. A very accurate,
comprehensive picture of prostitution in
India is not available since sexual
exploitation and sale of women and
children are mostly unreported crimes.
Parents : i mark parent as one reason
why prostitution get versatile in our
i their by mark on this first.
parents overlook on their children: some
parents has form the habit of sending
their children away for unnecessary
reasons due to one thing or the
other ,which is very bad and can lead the
child into any business she is capable of
doing .tell me the reason why parents
who train a child for a long time could
not ignore some of the child’s shall ant
behavior. yes i believe that youth of this
days disrespect and get into some rude
attitude which the parent might not
like.Any man or woman who fell he/she
is capable of getting married should
make sure they are up to standard at
least reaches the age of reasoning,when
all this young marriage are exulted
terrible things due happen because they
find it hard to bear what the children are
doing ,reason a youth and a young
youth can not be in the same level, one
must be higher than each and in this
processes their wont be peace in the
family and where their is no peace
overlook took place it causes a lot of
enermity between the parents and the
laziness from youth: laziness is a
diseases that effect our youth to day
which can lead them to proposition as
an easy business one can do in order
not to suffer .some of the youth need
manna from heaven to fall for them.in
fact they don’t want to suffer for their
living and be happy in life which is
seriously affecting the society in fact i
see prostitution as a free business one
can do without employment and
stress .u can make your self a prostitute
by the way you dress,hence you are
beautiful even ugly ones with good
shape,even shapeless can go for the
business. so i advice my fellow youth
who is into prostitution business due to
one problem or the other should please
rethink and those who are still planning
to join the show should please say no in


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