Ten (10) Signs that your Marriage is in Trouble

1.You no longer seem to have anything to say to your spouse
You may be living under the same roof with your spouse and performing routine errands,but still have nothing to say to each other. Living in silence is often the first warning sign that all is not right in the relationship. However, do not confuse this with the companionable silence that couples share in a long, satisfied marriage. There, it is a case of two people knowing each other so well as to be comfortable in their silence and not having the need to make small conversation. But in the case of a disintegrating marriage, the silence makes for an arid, loveless atmosphere, where two people have nothingto share anymore.
2.You no longer have any common interests
Remember the early days of marriage, when you tried out so many pursuits together? While it is natural that over time, each partnerfinds his or her own niche in the relationship,it is unusual for the spouses to give up all shared interests. If you find that you no longer do anything fun or interesting together, consider it as a warning sign on the health of your marriage.
3.You are subject to constant criticism from your spouse
One of the unmistakable signs of a troubled marriage, is that partners begin to funnel larger relationship issues into criticism of day-to-day tasks. If you find you can do no right in your partner’s eyes, consider what lies beneath the constant, unceasing criticism. Do you feel intimidated and perpetually on tenterhooks by your partner’s unrelenting negative attitude? If yes, then maybe it is time to address the underlying issues in your marriage.
4.You are the last person to know
A disintegrating marriage is strongly characterized by an increasingly widening communication gap between partners. In such a situation, your partner will stop sharing information about his or her social and professional lives with you. You will find out about your spouse’s achievements at work, or problems with family members, from second or third-hand sources, like your partner’s co-worker or neighbours of your partner’s parental home.
5.Your partner is bitter about the past
One infallible yet seemingly innocuous pointer to the state of your marriage is your partner’s response to the question on how you met each other. If your partner seems bitter about the past and makes sarcastic remarks like , “She snagged me” or “I got tired of saying no to him” before guests, consider it a sign that your spouse in deeply unhappy in the marriage. Memories of first dates and meetings should be one of the most treasured in any happy marriage and when these turn bitter, it is time to take stockof what is wrong.
6.Physical appearances no longer matter
In the early days of a marriage, couples take great care of how they appear to each other. Over time, as the comfort level increases in a marriage, spouses become much more relaxed about the need to look “perfect” for their partner. However, if you find that your spouse has undergone a sudden sharp decline in matters of appearance and hygiene, it could be because your partner no longer cares whether or not you find them desirable. This complete lack of interest is an indication that your spouse is no longer happy in the marriage and sooner or later is likely to opt out.
7.When distractions are used to avoid real issues
Your marriage may be in trouble, if you both are using distractions to avoid dealing with relationship issues. Common signs of this are a perpetually switched on television set or a constantly playing music system, which are convenient tools to avoid paying attention to your partner. Do you always have one more thing to do before you can settle down, or is your spouse always hiding behind the newspaper? If yes, then it is time you both cut out the distractions and focus on your relationship, before it is too late.
8.You keep arguing about the same issues in the same way
If discussions on your relationship seem to have got stuck in a rut with the same arguments again and again, it is evident that your marriage is in trouble. The inability to communicate thoughts and feelings effectively, is often the initial step towards a breakdown in a relationship. Take the help ofa marriage counsellor, if you both seem unable to resolve issues on your own.
9.A lack of trust
You no longer trust each other. Mutual faith isthe cornerstone of any meaningful relationship, including marriage. If you find yourself constantly doubting your partner’s whereabouts, or if your spouse suspects you of infidelity, clearly something is deeply wrong in your marriage.
10.There is no longer any intimacy in your marriage
Intimacy is the act that allows a man and woman to bond as a couple.


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