Beautiful Things to Say to Your Wife

“I’m glad I woke up with you by my side”
Go beyond the routine “Good Morning” and whisper these words in your wife’s ears as you both wake up to a new day. It is not only hugely sensual but when you think of how many spouses, by compulsions of ill-health orprofession, are unable to enjoy this simple pleasure every day, you will realize how lucky you are to be together.
“I’ve been thinking of you”
Find a time of the day when you know your wife will be busy at work. Then call her just tosay that you have been thinking of her. Your words will act like a pep-up pill and help her to get through the day. Never mind if your wife is in a meeting and can’t take a call. Leave a voice mail or a text message and she will be glad to hear these words from you.
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“Yes, sweetheart, I’ll fix it right now”
These are perhaps the sweetest words to theears of a wife’s who has been struggling with a leaky faucet for over a month now. Be prompt in your efforts to help your wife around the house and it will mean much more than mere promises of love.
“You’re smelling good”
Be sure to notice if she is wearing a new perfume and then compliment her by saying, “You smell like heaven”. She will be not only pleased that you noticed her perfume but willalso be glad that you like it.
“I’ll make dinner”
These words will be music to your wife’s ears, as she comes back home after a gruelling day at work. But be sure to follow it up with your actions.
“You are a great mom”
As the person who is primarily responsible for bringing up your kids, your wife needs all the appreciation that she can get on this job, which goes on 24×7. Your words will mean alot to her and she will be glad to have you as the kids’ father.
Compliment her on her looks
Choose a feature of your wife’s appearance that you have always loved, and compliment her – again – on it. If it is her eyes, you could say, “Your eyes shine like stars in a clear sky” or if you love her long, brown hair, you could say, “I love the way your hair cascades in brown waves on your back.”
Praise her efforts
If she has gone out of her way to do something special, thank her sincerely and appreciate what she has done for you. For instance, if she has made your favourite dessert, you could say, “Thanks darling, you are a star”.
“I’m glad you married me”
This is one of the sweetest things that a husband could say to his wife. These words show that you are happy in your marriage, not just because it suits you, but because your wife is happy.
“You still look young”
Find ingenuous ways to say how young she looks. For instance, if you see your wife talking to a noticeably younger woman, say something like, “Were you in school together? No? But you looked about the same age. ” She might think you are pulling her leg, but she is sure to be pleased at the same time.
“Your parents did a great job with you”
Showing appreciation for the way your wife has been brought up, indicates your respect for her parents. She will be touched by your words and happy that you hold her family in high esteem.
“I’ve got something for you”
Every woman likes to be indulged once in a while. So get something really special for yourwife, like a diamond bracelet or a fur coat, and hang the expense!
Choose a time when you both are relaxed. Then hold your wife’s hand lightly and tell her“You are my best friend”. Women love to feel that they are much more to their husbands than just lovers and homemakers –they are cherished companions as well.
Compliment your wife on her appearance, as you both leave for a party or any other social event. Remember those lovely words of Eric Clapton’s song, “Darling, you look wonderful tonight”. Better still, sing them to your wife and she will not need her blusher for the evening!
Pick out a chore you know she hates doing and tell her that you will be doing that. For instance, if she hates washing up after dinner, tell her firmly,“I’m going to do the dishes tonight”. She might protest at first, but she will be really glad that you took over.
“Let’s go on a date”
Your wife will love the spontanaeity of the outing. Go to a place she loves and order her favourite food. Then come back home holding hands and you are sure to rememberthe evening for a long time to come.
“I love you”
If you have already said it, say it again. And again. Look into her eyes when you are saying these three immortal words of love and remember you cannot say them to your wife too often.
Every woman needs to be assured now and then, that her husband still loves her like in the early days of their romance. Or, still finds her as pretty as when they were first dating. Your wife is your lover, companion, confidante, the mother of your wonderful kids and the maker of your beautiful home. So let her know, again and again, how much she means to you and your family.


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