Five(5) Things Women Shouldn’t Do after Thirty

1.Pick up guys in bars
After more than a decade of dating, you should by now have a fair idea of the guy you will be most compatible with. So stop spending all your weekends scrounging bars in the mistaken hope that you will meet your soul-mate in a haze of cigarette smoke. Rather decide what type of guy you want for a relationship and then go to places where he is most likely to be found. If you want a successful professional as a life-partner, attend workshops and seminars or sign up for a refresher course in business networking. On the other hand if you want a guy who shares your passion for music or art, browse through galleries, museums or join hobby clubs devoted to such interests.
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2.Change jobs ever so often
If you are yet to decide on your line of work, you are fast running out of time. Decide what you like doing best and see what related professional options pay you best. In fact this is also the time you should be clear whether money or job satisfaction matters more since your choice of career could vary in either case. If all this seems too much, don’t be shy of seeking help from a career counselor. There is no rule which says you should be engaged in the same profession for the whole of your life, but once you find your vocation, earning a living will be both emotionally and financially rewarding.
3.Say no to everything your parents say
By thirty, you should be past rebelling against your parents just for the thrill of saying no. There is a time in every teen’s lifewhen he or she wants to see how much they can get away with pushing their parents but after thirty, such behavior reeksof immaturity and insecurity. Rather look for ways to reconnect and bond with your family since they are the main reasons why you are an educated and healthy person today. Even if your family has been less thansupporting, try to make peace with them – after all no one, not even parents are perfect.
4.Try to keep up with your BFF’s purchases
Time was when you simply had to have thatpair of shoes or makeup because your BFF had it. But by this stage you should be past such childish competition. Apart from the fact that trying to keep up with the Helens or Katies will drain away your finances, it will also imprison you forever in the vicious circle of consumerism. So learn to separate your needs and wants and try to find satisfaction in interests like music, cuisine and travel.
5.Hold a grudge against someone
So this girl may have wronged you in high school or made a nasty remark in the pianoclass when you were a teen, but holding a grudge against someone for more five years is taking things a bit too far. So if you happen to meet her at the airport or receive a friend request from her on facebook, be gracious and polite. You need not go out of your way to be friendly but learning to let go of the past will definitely make you feel better.


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