5 Secret Tests that Girls use to Evaluate Guys

1.Seeing if you are ‘present’
You may be physically with your date but thoughts can still be far away from the person sitting before you. One of the first tests that a woman will subject to you is to find out whether you are really with her. She will notice if how much eye contact youare making and if you are fidgeting with your cell phone or drumming the table withyour fingers. All these are signs that you aredistracted or bored and if a woman finds you display them, you can kiss all your chances of seeing her again goodbye unless she’s really fallen hard for you already. Even if you are not thinking about anyone else, you may be so busy worrying about your next move or agonizing over what to do or say next that you could againcome off as occupied or worse, aloof and dismissive. So when you are keen to impress a woman, make sure that you keepyour thoughts in the present, make eye contact with her so that she knows that you are cued in on what she is saying and doing.
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2.Asking you umpteen number of questions
The first or even second date is the time when you are getting to know each other. It may seem only natural that your partner should ask you all about your background, education, family, work and lifestyle. However it could be that she is doing this to see how much of an open book you can be. If you answer all her questions promptlyand that too in great detail, she will have known all that there is to know about you –and that is a sure-shot way to douse any spark of excitement between prospective partners. Rather when you find your date testing you by throwing umpteen number of questions at you, pick the ones that you want to answer or those that seem reasonable at this stage. If she points out that you didn’t respond to her other queries, playfully turn the question-and-answer back to her and make a witty remark about it.
3.Seeing how much you agree with her
Sometimes a woman may introduce controversial topics into the conversation and seem to take a rigorous stand purely totest you. She may even change sides at the blink of an eye and appear to support the other extreme. This could be a way to see how much you are willing to agree with her on a range of issues. If she finds eager to bend backwards to chime in with her or purposefully taking contrary positions, you could be dismissed as being a weakling in the first case or unnecessarily argumentative in the second. Rather express what you genuinely feel about a controversial issue but do so in terms which are diplomatic and subtle. Avoid using harsh or abusive language no matter how strongly you feel about an issue and how much she appears to share your viewpoint. For all you know, the woman may be testing your intellectual and emotional maturity as relevant to religious, gender, political or monetary issues.
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4.Seeing how you treat others
Many smart women believe in the adage that when you want to know the person behind appearances, see how he treats those in a weaker position. This test of character actually applies to both men and women but in a conventional date it is men who come more often under the scanner since they are directly dealing with waitresses, chauffeurs, ushers and so on. Your date will keep a keen eye on how you are speaking to the person who is taking your orders at the restaurant or how you are behaving with the cab-driver when he has forgotten to give you back the correct change. If you come off as brash, stingy or a show-off, it is likely she will have second thoughts about meeting you again. So when you are interacting with others on your date, be courteous and considerate to all those who are serving you and even if the service is not up to the mark, handle thematter politely and with a cool head. Your date will not only be impressed by your graciousness but also by your conflict-resolving skills.
5.Seeing if you are thoughtful
Being thoughtful about your partner is much more than arriving for a date with flowers or taking her to an expensive restaurant. Apparently minor gestures like holding the door open for her or making a nice comment on her dress will go a long way in making her feel special. However over the course of first few dates, a womanwill throw in small bits of information for instance, her mom’s birthday which is round the corner or the fact that her she Backstreet Boys used to be her favorite band. Then she will wait to see if you have rung up her mother to wish the lady Happy Birthday or whether you make use of musicby the band in any way to court her. She could also mention in passing that her favorite flowers are forget-me-nots and that she likes travelling to beach towns.


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